Becoming a Freshman

The year 2020 was a life changing one for everyone worldwide. That included this beautiful young lady, Malina. She found out last minute that she was graduating a year early so she had to scramble to see if she could get into college for the Fall but it was too late so she applied for Spring semester. Despite having to undergo a life-threatening allergic reaction to an antibiotic, she persevered to do her best to stay motivated and carry on with her dream goals. It was an excited moment when she received her acceptance letter to college, and she was suddenly a freshman who had to live on campus away from home for the very first time. There were some roller coaster moments, but she took it all in stride and has now settled down to focus on her goal of becoming a nurse. She had made that final decision when she was at the hospital for her life-threatening issue. She’d seen how the nurses there showed love and concern for their patients, and she wanted to do the same for others. She is very tender-hearted and loves helping others. Malina’s favorite quote is by J. K. Rowling, ” What’s coming will come, and we’ll meet it when it does.”

May 3, 2021

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