My childhood days in the Caribbean were filled with lots of memories, from the sweet smell of burnt sugar cane fields to running barefoot flying kites and playing with hopscotch on the road with the neighbors' kids. We didn't grow up with a camera or camcorder recording those memories. There were a few pictures of certain events, like a wedding or photo studio moments. I have very little pictures of myself when I was in high school. I do not even have a graduation photo. Those memories are getting vaguer now that I am older. It was a lifetime ago. I migrated to the USA over twenty-two years ago and when I describe my childhood to the kids, they can only use their imaginations. I wish I had photos to show my story, especially since we are now living a new normal. Life is precious. The years flutter away. Memories are becoming more precious as time silently slips by. 

You are uniquely you. Your life is your alone. It would honor me to create images to document your college story. Your style and personality make you unique. 

*Portrait Photographer.
*Lover of creative art.
*Child of God

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